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The city of Hood River is the seat of Hood River County, Oregon, United States. It is a port on the Columbia River, and is named for the nearby Hood River. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 7,167. Hood River post office was established at the site of the present city on September 30, 1858, and the city itself was incorporated in 1895. Originally, the city was part of Wasco County, but it became the seat of Hood River County when the county was first established in 1908. The professionals at Portland Laser Liposuction aim to help you get the results you want no matter where you are located, even in small towns such as Hood River.

Interesting Facts/History

While Hood River, OR is a very small town with a small population, there is still a lot to do and see in and around this tiny little hamlet.

  • Hood River was named after the nearby Hood River. The first post office of the area was established on September 30, 1858. It was officially incorporated in July of 1895. It is the county seat of Hood River County, which was founded on June 23, 1908. The area was first settled in the 1850s.
  • Waucoma Park, Eliot Park, Port Marina Park, Morrison Park, Jackson Park, Waucoma Park and Mann Park are all located in Hood River. The International Museum of Carousel Art and the Hood River County Historical Museum provide insight into the history of this area. The Seneca Fouts Memorial State Natural Area, the Koberg Beach State Recreation Site and Viento State Park are nearby. Local celebrations include the Hood River Cherry Days, the Hood River Valley Blossom Festival, the Hood River Pear Celebration and the Hood River Valley Harvest Fest.
  • Hood River and Nearby Attractions
    • International Museum of Carousel Art
    • Seneca Fouts Memorial State Natural Area
    • Hood River County Historical Museum
    • Koberg Beach State Recreation Site
    • Viento State Park
    • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Quick Statistics

  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released its complete 17th annual multi-specialty statistical data indicating a 12% overall increase in cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2013
  • More than 11 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and otolaryngologists in the United States, totaling more than 12 billion dollars for the first time since the Great Recession began in 2008. Of that total, more than 7 billion was spent on surgical procedures and more than 5 billion was spent on nonsurgical procedures.

A Final Word

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