Salem OR Laser Liposuciton Surgery

While not as well-known as Portland, Salem is the capital of the U.S. state of Oregon, and the county seat of Marion County. It is located in the center of the Willamette Valley alongside the Willamette River, which runs north through the city. The river forms the boundary between Marion and Polk counties, and the city neighborhood of West Salem is in Polk County. Salem was founded in 1842, became the capital of the Oregon Territory in 1851, and was incorporated in 1857. The increasing population in and around the state’s capital has prompted the increase in medical centers supporting laser liposuction and related procedures. To this we respond by increasing our coverage area and extending out help into Salem. The experts at Portland Laser Liposuction are willing and ready to help you make the decisions that are right for you, and ultimately connect you with a surgeon that specializes in your area.

Interesting Facts/History

  • Salem is the capital city of the state of Oregon and also the county seat of Marion County. It is situated about 46 miles southwest of Portland in Oregon’s Willamette River valley, one of the nation’s most fertile agricultural regions. The city lies at the junction of Oregon State Highways 22, 213, and 221. Interstate I-5 provides northerly transportation to Portland and southerly to the city of Eugene.
  • One of Oregon’s oldest communities, Salem was originally called Chemeketa, an Indian term meaning “meeting or resting place”. It replaced Oregon City as the territorial capital in 1851, but in 1855 it was itself temporarily replaced as capital by the city of Corvallis (40 miles to the south). This arrangement lasted less than a year, after which time Salem
  • The location of the Oregon capital caused a spirited contest that lasted nearly 15 years. By a legislative act in 1851, the territorial government moved the capital to Salem from Oregon City. In 1855, it was moved to Corvallis, only to move back to Salem the same year. Destruction of the Capitol Building at Salem on December 31, 1855, was considered an incendiary part of this controversy.
  • The close proximity of government provides Salem citizens with a distinct opportunity to be involved in the decision-making processes of the state. The citizens of Salem also have a long history of commitment to community improvement, a committment recognized nationally through the presentation of two All-America City Awards in 1960–61 and 1982–83.

A Final Word

The professionals at Portland Laser Liposuction know that you may be confused in the process that you want, or maybe don’t understand the pros, cons, and even risks involved with each. It is important to be knowledgeable before undergoing the surgery, and that is exactly what we aim to make happen. Our experts will work with you to connect with a medically licensed surgeon, one who understands the treatment they will perform on you. He/she will stick with you through the end and make sure the results you received are the results you wanted. Don’t hesitate to contact us today using our contact form on the website or calling us by phone.

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