Laser liposuction and related procedures are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. If you or a loved one decides to use liposuction or similar in order to sculpt your body the way you want, you should be really knowledgeable on the topic before you make a decision. The procedures may be complicated, and the pros and cons are sometimes not very clear. However, there is a solution to this problem. The professionals at Portland Laser Liposuction are always standing by to assist you in these confusing situations. When contacted by a client, we will utilize our vast network of medically trained and licensed surgeons that specialize in your area of treatment. They will see your treatment to a successful end and make sure you are happy with the results.

The Procedure – Body-Jet

The well proven and reliable body-jet uses the gentle power of water for body contouring.Unlike conventional liposuction methods, during the water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) and the water-jet assisted fat transfer, the fat is gently detached from the tissue structure by means of a flat, fan-shaped water-jet and may be aspirated at the same time. The surrounding connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels remain much less traumatized. Using the body-jet, liposuction is performed in a safe, effective and easy way.The WAL allows for excellent aesthetic results, the risks remain minimal and the healing process is fast.

The procedure is safe, effective and easy. Below are some of the advantages of using the Body-jet procedure over others.

  • Many years of experience in water-jet applications
  • Sterile, closed-loop system for fat harvesting
  • Short and effective pre-infiltration while needing 70% less tumescent fluid
  • Harvesting of highly vital adipose tissue
  • Reduced OP times as well as a shorter and smoother convalescence
  • The selective power of the water-jet helps to reduce the blood loss, hematomas and swelling
  • Irrigation and aspiration at the same time
  • Easy cannula handling is more comfortable for both, the surgeon and the patient
  • Low correction rate

Unlike conventional liposuction techniques, water-jet assisted liposuction gently detaches the tiniest fat particles from the tissue, ensuring that the uniformly suctioned autologous fat cells remain largely intact and alive. In contrast, traditional liposuction techniques were originally developed to rupture the fat cells and thus to destroy them – using suction force (‘suction effect’), cavitation or thermal effects.

A Final Word

We understand that choosing a liposuction procedure is a very complex choice. There are many pros and cons to evaluate, many different advantages of choosing one over the other, and many different possible outcomes for each. If you or a loved one is seeking liposuction or related treatment in order to sculpt your body the way you want, contact the experts at Portland Laser Liposuction today. Use out contact form or call us, and have your life changed for the better.

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