With the rise in laser liposuction procedures being performed, as well as the increase in the number of people that look to surgery to correct and sculpt their body the way they want to, Portland Laser Liposuction is ready to help you and your family navigate the journey to a better body. Eliminate wrinkles, get rid of unsightly areas on your body, remove excess fat deposits, and give yourself the body that you want and deserve. Contact our experts today and forever have your life changed because of doing so. We understand that the decisions and variety of choices make it difficult to select an appropriate treatment for yourself, and that is why we aim to connect you to a surgeon that will oversee your procedure to a very successful conclusion.

A Quick Overview – Lipoaspiration Study

Although lipoaspiration has been considered a safe surgical procedure for the last 30 years, reports indicate that this procedure has a high index of complications. This study was performed to analyze experience with patients in a clinical practice for the past 8 years who underwent lipoaspiration, either alone or in combination with another surgical procedure, and to compare the results with previous reports in the literature. The patients were divided into four groups: lipoaspiration alone of less than 5 liters, lipoaspiration alone of more than 5 liters, lipoaspiration combined with abdominoplasty, and lipoaspiration combined with another surgical procedure. Complications were divided into minor or major, depending on previous reports, and statistical analysis was used to determine any significant difference among the four groups.

From January of 1994 to December of 2001, 1047 patients underwent lipoaspiration, either alone or in combination with another surgical procedure. A 21.7 percent incidence of minor complications was noted, as well as a 0.38 percent incidence of major complications. Minor complications included palpable and visible irregularities, seromas, cutaneous hyperpigmentation, overcorrection, cutaneous slough, and local infection. Major complications included fat embolism syndrome, cutaneous necrosis, and extended infection. No statistical difference was noted among the groups studied. The incidence of complications was similar to that in clinical reports in the world literature, being of a low percentage rate when compared with the reports of other types of surgical procedures. On the basis of these results, lipoaspiration continues to be a safe surgical procedure, but to maximally avoid complications, one should be mindful of all the factors that could predispose to them.

A Final Word

The professionals at Portland Laser Liposuction are knowledgable, able and willing to help you determine the procedure that is right for you. We have a vast network of connections to many different surgeons that are both expert at the procedure they perform as well as very efficient and medically licensed of course. Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact our experts using either the contact form on the main page or by calling us directly. We will set you up with a surgeon, and make sure that your treatment goes successfully and smoothly.

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